The better way to know me is to hear from others

Thanks to all my friends, family and workmates…

Marina is full of enthusiasm. She’s the kind of person that when she smiles, you know you will get on well with her. She’s a world traveller who never liked routine or the mundane. Always fighting for her dreams and engaging in the passions that bring her to life. You rarely can see her angry.

When Marina was a child she used to play those games in which imagination was involved. She thought she was a little witch and could talk to marine animals. Happy, innocent, affectionate, studious and responsible. She was the kind of girl that always wanted to do something: any plan. Sporty since she was born, she loved being in water and swimming.

Marina loves any sport related to the water. She loves photography, travelling, painting, reading, animals, pasta with lot of cheese and oil and is fond of oversize clothes.. She’s always up for any adventure.

Marina stands out because she is always doing something. Being in her presence makes problems become less important. She likes being behind the camera but you can also find her in front. She has modeled for the swimming brand Speedo in Australia and Europe as part of their 90th Anniversary campaign.

At work, Marina is a perfectionist, passionate and original. She’s curious, professional, non-conformist, creative and tireless. She’s also very versatile and likes cooperative work.  She’s a great team member because she believes that the best ideas come from a collaboration among motivated people who encourage each other and foster growth.